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Looking For My Art Heart in Kuala Lumpur

You know how you sometimes snap photos of things, just because? And you don’t know who to show it to, or under what excuse, but they’re so interesting anyway? Some of such things on the theme of Art Kuala Lumpur that I saw in my new home base of Kuala Lumpur:

The bubble meeting room

Suspended art meeting room
The coolest meeting room I’ve ever seen! Seen while peeking through one of the buildings at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

Poetry with its translation

Scattered over a tiny urban tree-lined bench park between my street and KLCC. The test of a good translation, is when you cannot tell which version is the original and which the translation. Particularly hard with art and poetry.

So… which one is the translation?

Public poetry board at KLCC - Malay | art Kuala LumpurPublic poetry board at KLCC - English | art Kuala Lumpur

At the National Visual Arts Gallery (Balai Seni Visual Negara)

Art Kuala Lumpur
Shrouded by tear gas, “nothing happened here”. I kept returning to this painting, and how the spotlights come up when photographed to resemble a heart, almost as if to say, you can see through the tear gas if you use your heart. -2011 by Zelin Seah.

2 thoughts on “Looking For My Art Heart in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Completely agree. In a good translation, not just the words but the whole spirit of the original phrase needs to reappear. Then only it can be called a good one.

  2. When I saw the bubble meeting room, at first I thought it was an interesting light. Do they have meetings there often? Staring at the painting, I can see why you returned often. Each time you look some new revelation seems to happen.

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