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The Curious Melaka Sights – A Melaka Wander

Keep your fingers crossed, and book a stay in a bus hotel!

I wandered/drove around for Melaka sights around town before the road trip to look for megalith sites.

I have a soft spot for Melaka. Even though I only lived there for the very earliest years of my life and don’t actually remember much of it, nonetheless I was born there. Technically, I’m a Melaka native. Even though I really grew to adulthood in Selangor.

So here’s a snapshot of Melaka sights when this prodigal daughter winged back in her maturity.

Baba Nyonya (Peranakan) motifs

The architectural style of the old town of Melaka – the part that’s designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City – is predominantly Straits Chinese (or ‘Peranakan’ or ‘Baba Nyonya’). So the beautiful facades of the old town reflect the fusion culture of the Peranakan.

They are intricate, so walk slower and look for these little touches.

Peranakan intricate facade trim | Melaka architecture | Peranakan art | Melaka sights | UNESCO Heritage City | Malaysia
Peranakan intricate facade trim

Melaka was the most influential port in the region for global trade in the 15th century. So much so, that Malay was among the key trading languages of the world at that time. However, traces of the old sultanate are bare. The mainly wooden architecture of the Malay people did not easily survive subsequent erasure by colonial powers. There are however, traces of Portuguese and Dutch ruins and buildings from the city’s colonial-era history around the old city.

Water wheel in Melaka river | Melaka sights | UNESCO Heritage Area | Malaysia
Water wheel in Melaka river

Melaka sights by night

Melaka by night is adorned by LED lights …

Melaka riverside at night | Melaka old city | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Malaysia
Melaka riverside by night

I went around Chinese New Year holidays, so the night market on Jonker Street was bright and popping with Chinese festival music and lanterns.

Chinese New Year decorations | Melaka Jonker Street | UNESCO World Heritage Area | Melaka attractions | Malaysia
Decked out for Chinese New Year

The curiously named…

baboon house
Should I have gone in to monkey around? I should have, shouldn’t I…

The questionably named…

fingers crossed cafe
Because what’s life without a little bit of risk

and the eye-catching ones…

Bright murals of Melaka city | UNESCO World Heritage City | Melaka attractions | Malaysia
Happy funky colours!

…and of course, hipster cafes…

The obligatory hipster cafe | Melaka UNESCO Heritage Area | Malaysia
The obligatory hipster cafe

Where to stay?

lot of options from excellent refurbished former shophouses …

Airwell of a boutique shophouse accommodation | Melaka accommodation | UNESCO Heritage Area | Malaysia
Updated chic boutique hotel airwell

to the most hipster accommodation ever! Introducing the “bustel”…

bustel bus motel
What do you do with a fleet of obsolete buses? Why, turn them into an offbeat motel, of course! NB. Yes. Yes, each bus is en suite accommodation.

Curious Melaka sights | Melaka UNESCO Heritage City | Melaka attractions | Melaka road trip | Melaka old town | Teja on the Horizon

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