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Mortal @ Wabi-Sabi

Don’t call me an angel. Don’t look
Right into the light.
It will wash in your every nook
And does not need your sight.
Rather see the vessel. Can you see
Where the light has soldered gold?
The cracks in my eyes give history
Of a woman you can hold.
In a world that can only settle
For the very latest model
Captive of the light, can you be
Kuala Lumpur

4 thoughts on “Mortal @ Wabi-Sabi

  1. First had to google “wabi-sabi”… It’s a beautiful poetry. It might be difficult to tell oneself, but it’s totally okay to be imperfect đŸ™‚

    1. I did too. And then I was so taken by the philosophy, especially when juxtaposed with our present-day intolerance of flaws – what with the beauty pressure and the age pressure, and the rejection of the experience of suffering and pain etc. How people search in futility for the perfect in the mortal, because the Eternal has been rejected…

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