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Madal | 16.06.2019
pack por si no pueden abrirlo en facebook
Goltirr | 16.06.2019
You know, every case is different, but they share some communalities. If you already tried to go without and didn't feel well, maybe your brain chemistry needs it. I don't know what type you are taking but if they are Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, it is because your brain may not secrete and or maintain enough serotonin and these help in retaining a workable amount. It may be that you will always need them, at least at a maintenance level. If you are not in agreeance with your MD, as hard as it is to consult another one, you may need to do so. This is your life and you need to be provided with the help you need. There is nothing to be ashamed about needing a little pill, for heaven's sake. Please feel free to unload on me at any time.
Kashura | 22.06.2019
That's better than open floor concept hell where people can SEE you
Dushura | 25.06.2019
Public Service Announcement: This is faux
Vukree | 18.06.2019
Do you like big cocks in your ass?

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