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  • 28.10.2017
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Gozilkree | 04.11.2017
So if you don't support Trump I guess that makes you an anti-white racist. So many racists, so little time.
Nem | 29.10.2017
Bitte Movies aktivieren!
Kishicage | 02.11.2017
Like others, you've captivated me in the moments of film/video which you have appeared in over our lifetimes but to me, I have always interpreted a shade of Bamboo's lust to be less than personally sure or emotionally at ease in some moments forever immortalized in your film/video's. An essence of vulnerability, as it may be. To me, you emulate a third dimension in the two dimensional medium of film/video. The vulnerability you've shown, to me, is pause to define the attraction I have based on what you have allowed us to see of you. It's an intangible quality that defies words. Sure of yourself, confident, bold and forthright there is a vulnerability you exhibit which is captivating and why I enjoy your work.

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