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  • 20.12.2017
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Mooguzragore | 23.12.2017
Lady: What are you doing?Dude: What does it look like i'm doing, i'm working outGirl: Your muscles are getting thicker Me: Were TF do you see muscle? He is literately lifting like a 5 Pounds weight WTF, that's not even close to work out, not even warm up(Just one question for that dude, Do you even lift bro?)
Vilkree | 21.12.2017
and one fundamental truth upon which all religions are founded.
Zushicage | 22.12.2017
you must be on some kind of dope. Your brother was heavy into drugs,that's why he is dead. Get over it and go smoke some more dope!
Arakinos | 21.12.2017
Wow! Hi Mistress Ladyandromeda I'm Lee and wud luv to serve you? Pleeeeeeeze.

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